Monday, September 26, 2005

The Flushing

Listen, I know that there are a lot of crazies where I work. I won't risk getting specific on who I'm talking about it, but let it just be said that these people are NUTS. I have a feeling there are going to be lots of stories about them, so I'll just give them code names: heretofore the loony Almodovar fan will be known as Pepe and the soda-witholding secretary to the CEO will be called Butch.
You should also know, before I continue this story, that there is A LOT of drama involving our bathroom here at work, whether it's unidentifiable tems (read: gore) spotted on the floors, or freakishly large cockroaches waiting to lunge when I sneak in after hours to use the bathroom. There's also a problem with people "camping out" in there, but anyway.
I just went in and was followed by both Pepe and Butch, who were having some sort of insane conversation. Pepe and Butch each entered a stall and immediately flushed the toilets before sitting down (or perhaps squatting? who knows with those two).
Can anyone way in on this? What could possibly be the purpose of flushing before they even begin the elimination process? And don't say that there was something in the toilet, because there wasn't. It's PEPE and BUTCH we're talking about here, people.


Emil said...

I heard on npr that when you flush the toilet, many many minute particles of whatever is in it shoot directly up from it. Maybe these two like being shpritzed with other peoples excrement?

New Girl said...
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New Girl said...

maybe they were concerned about the splash factor...nothing worse than office toilet water on your bum. if they were planning on "camping out" or were uncertain of just how strong the force of their pee would be, they would flush so that if splashing did occur it would be with freshly drawn water

Stephanie said...

Got it, got it. But would that really be clean water? I mean, it is in the TOILET BOWL, right?