Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Secret Confession #1

Kelly just asked me a question that prompts this secret confession. Do you have a particular ear you use when talking on the phone? And if so, what happens when you use the other ear? Discuss.
I use my left ear exclusively. If I use my right ear, especially when using a phone headset, I feel like I can't hear as well or even understand what the person is saying sometimes. I never talked about this because I though that maybe I was going deaf in one ear, and that's embarassing. Kelly said she has the same situation, though, and she feels like she's going crazy if she tries the other ear.
What about the rest of you?


New Girl said...

i'm versatile. i use my left ear at work but only because that's where my phone is located. but i'm also left handed, so it's advantageous for me to use the right ear so the left hand is free. but if it's my cell phone, i use my left hand to search and/or dial, so it's only natural that the phone go up to the left ear. steph, now you've got me all confused. my question is this. when you put the phone up to your wrong ear, do you go blind too? or maybe your sense of smell gets way better?

Stephanie said...

also, when my hair is down, i lose peripheral vision

Phil said...

how about when you put on pants? do you always put the same leg in first?

I'm sure there's copious information about dominant brain side issues on the internet. In my opinion, the freakiest example of brain hemisphere things is the split brain experiment.

Phil said...

By the way, in the link I included in my last comment, there's a game you can play at the bottom.

Emil said...

I don't think this happens to me with the phone, unless I'm at work or something where I have to type or use the mouse at the same time. I think you must just be a freak.