Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pendulums and Psychic Healing, etc. etc.

Wednesday is hump day! But anyway.
I got to try something pretty cool yesterday, the results of which I won't know for a while. Karin works in the research department of the local hospital, and the project they're working on now is about prayer and healing. They're using functional MRIs of the brain to see if the brain reacts to prayer, healing, and intention being directed towards it. In the first part of the study they used people who classified themselves as healers and had them send messages to people getting the functional MRIs. This part of the study uses "bonded non-healer teams", which means that I got to act as a "healer" on Pat, who was in the MRI machine. "Bonded" means that the pairs are not strangers and have some sort of relationship before the study. Anyway, they put her in the machine and put me in a room behind a one-way mirror facing her. At two-minute intervals they had me do whatever kind of prayer or intentional healing I wanted. Later they'll analyze the data to see if her brain activity was different at the times when I was supposed to be sending intent verses the times I wasn't. It was cool, and I'm pretty curious about the results...

The smelly guy finally left. He was having lots of problems here and not doing well, so it's good he's gone. I cleaned his room today, scrubbed it down and aired it out and we're going to smudge it later.

More fun last night asking the pendulum questions and getting alarming answers. Pat had also brought these "life cards" that we all tried: they're fifty-two cards that say things like "moving physically" or "building relationships", and you go through them and eventually get down to the five that are most important to you. Then you rank them and try to figure out if you're doing what you want to be doing. Very interesting. Plus we had some wine.

** Emil: remember a couple years ago when you were looking for those chocolates? Were they the endangered species chocolate bars?

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