Sunday, October 09, 2005

No new posts, wah wah.

Cooking/baking Stephanie is back! After a pretty long hiatus, I'm totally back in cooking land. I baked up a crazy storm this weekend (white bread, banana bread, cookies) and bought ingredients to make even more stuff. I'm having my friend Debra over for dinner tonight and made a simple yet luscious dinner: zucchini quiche, a green salad, and chocolate pudding for dessert. I'll post the quiche recipe tomorrow from work...
I also signed up for Urban Organic again. They're pretty cheap, and I think with fall coming it'll be fun to have all kinds of squash and apples and greens delivered to me. I lay in my bed this morning with a pile of cookbooks around me, picking out all kinds of stuff I want to try.
You're all invited, one by one, for dinner parties, yay!

In other news, I just realized that I should have been updating on my nose-ring situation, with pictures and gruesome details. For those who haven't seen me lately my newly re-done nose piercing had become infected, swelled up, and turned black. It looked like Beck Weathers' nose. (Ugh, I just tried to link to a picture of Beck, but couldn't bear to. If you must know, google image search poor Beck and have a look.) ANYWAY, it's pretty much all better. Phew.
It wasn't a flesh-eating bacteria after all-- so sorry to disapoint Emil.


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Phil said...

Here's a picture of Beck Weathers for those who don't want to do the google search.

Phil said...

p.s. The Germans have found you, Steph. It's just like that fantasy you and Miriam always used to have in school.

I'll save you the trouble of actually clicking on the links above - they lead to a blog in German with lots of boring photos and a ton of popup ads.

tina said...

You can invite me over for dinner ANY time.

p.s. Chocolate Creme Brulee this Friday? Wanna come?