Tuesday, October 11, 2005

YU know who.

I just came accross these photos of the Yeshiva University Hurricane Katrina benefit concert, and I had to share.

The pictures speak for themselves.

And you wonder why I am the way I am.


Phil said...

Have you ever seen "Kicking and Screaming"? Not the new Will Farrell kids soccer move - the one with Josh Hamilton and Olivia D'Abo.

The second picture here reminds me of the scene where Hamilton's character goes to a "dorm party" that consists of three guys dancing half-heartedly to "Buffalo Soldier".

Mordy said...

If your comment is on how sad the attendence was for a benefit concert, I completely agree. If you were raising the fact that a Jewish institution raised money for Hurricane Katrina as some kind of sick validation for your pathetic life, I'm disappointed. People died in New Orleans and all you can think about are your issues with the Jewish religious establishment. How sad.

Phil said...

Okay Mordy, if you're going to come talk shit on a stranger's blog, the least you could do is try to write something coherent. The only thing that's clear from your comment is the fact that you can't quite figure out exactly where the author is coming from or what she's poking fun at.

Feeling vaguely insulted, you decided it was appropriate to sling a couple of sophmoric, cookie-cutter insults, self-righteously call attention to the scope of devestation on the Gulf Coast (though there's no reason to suspect that the author takes that issue lightly, or was addressing it at all), and wrap things up with a pithy little closer that shows just how above this whole argument you really are.

Congradulations, guy - you really told her.

Phil said...

Discovery of evidence. From Mordy's post on Mima'amakim about the benefit show:

"I only mention this because it's technically my concert, and I felt I should get a plug in."

Guess you didn't feel the need for that kind of full disclosure here.