Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hot damn!

**Blah blah blah and then stay tuned for two important questions, marked by asterisks.

Actually, what I meant to say was "hot day". But I guess I won't get much sympathy for being hot from you guys.
Anyway. I guess I'm slipping into a routine here, which is nice. Mostly.
I varnished and sanded a bunch more today. Doesn't it sound like I've been doing that forever?? But we have three rooms to put trim in and all the wood needs to be:

1. measured
2. cut
3. sanded coarse
4. sanded fine
5. sanded very fine
6. varnished
7. sanded very fine
8. varnished
9. sanded very fine
10. varnished

And after every sanding, it needs to be wiped down with tack cloth a couple times. We have a whole system now where at any given point there are strips of wood at various stages of finishing, and I really do enjoy it. My job starts at step 6, and I'm getting to love watching the beauty of the wood come out more and more with each coat of varnish. I know that sounds totally lame, but it's true.

Every morning I wake up, get dressed, read for a while and go to breakfast. We wash the dishes and then I go straight outside to water my little seedlings that I had weeded and planted (in the bed that you can see the corner of in yesterday's photo). After that, I change into my workclothes: a beater, dickie's shorts, and red crocs. Oh, did I tell you I had to buy crocs, because that's all people wear here? They're bright red. I'm not fucking around.

Anyway. I typed up the beginning of this post earlier today and then had to leave because I was being stalked by a wasp. They're starting to creep me out, and today I lost my cool. No one here even knew that bugs bothered me. That is, until this afternoon when I turned around to see a huge bee (the big fat black kind) right in my face and shrieked and ran. Totally blew my own cover. But you can't tell me the wasps are not creepy, with their little legs dangling:

Anyway, I went to the Thursday night women's meditation group, and I had had so much to say about last week's that Jessie had to come this week. She stayed for dinner (which Liu Zhi made) and then we went out for a little drive and some gossip. I had so much fun with her, I guess I really missed my girly gossip fests and we both had drama to discuss. *Now, here comes my problem. I'm getting to the point where I want to talk shit to you guys about some stuff, like the meditation group and the little bit of boy drama I'm having. But I'm concerned about who may be reading this, (or who could find it) so what I guess I want to know is: is there a way to make some posts password protected? I know people can do that on live journal... If not, do you think I should go back and take names and identifying stuff out and just talk shit? Not sure what to do here...

*The second question is: I'm loving the wood so much and the whole process is so satisfying, that I was going to take some step by step pictures and post them. But if that is totally uninteresting to you guys, I won't go through the trouble. So let me know. It won't hurt my feelings if you're not down.

Let me know.
Love you guys.


ketty said...

well?? i don't know. i mean, if you posted pix, it's not like we'd boycott....on the other hand, you should take the pix regardless of whether you post them or not. maybe that would be something for the rest of us to look forward to looking at with you when you return....
here are pictures that i would like to see:
the kitchen
your bedroom
the outhouse
your crocs

**preferably most of these would also have you in them.

Stephanie said...

well, i took pictures of the wood today, just in case.
i will take those requested photos as soon as possible.

Aliza said...

I would love to see the wood pics!

ilyushka said...

1. happy birthday darlin!

2. do i want to see the transformation of wood from plank to beautiful crafted work? um, hello, yes please! show us the beauty you imbue them with.

3. i don't know anything about password protecting posts. but if you haven't given out your blog name/address to any of the people you want to post secretly about, then is it really such an issue?

4. happy birthday you old geezer, what'd you do to celebrate?

Phil said...

1. I'm not sure that blogger offers an option for password protecting. If you're worried about people seeing things, then maybe you should just complain over e-mail, rather than on the blog. Not as satisfying, but ultimately safer.

2. Remember that Emil, Iesha, and I sit in a windowless room in the Claims Conference all day. We have nothing better to do that look at pictures of wood.

tina said...

Wood is good. I think you can password protect somethings...or maybe just create a reader group...not sure.

Stephanie said...

alright. wood pics are up and gossip wil lbe forthcoming. to sum up, someone likes me who i don't like. and he's creepy. someone also likes jessie who she doesn't like. and he's less creepy. do i sound like i'm in high school yet?