Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The story of the varnish.

No, there isn't really any big story about the varnish. I just spent all day sanding and varnishing strips of wood, and enjoyed it. Lew has a set of ipod speakers, so I got to plug my ipod in and listen to my own music. We've been listening to the radio while working outside and it's fun Hawaiian music mixed with Christmas songs-- nice, but I was in the mood to sing along, you know?

I also istalled the switchplates and outlet covers that I had varnished a few days ago. One of the outlets seemed to be recessed too deep and so I reached into the outlet to pull it out a little, and was promptly electrocuted. It was just a little shock that went up my forearm, but not fun. Coincidentally, I strained something in my arm yesterday or the day before and it's been bothering me, maybe the shock will help...

Tonight I made mejadra and Brian made garlic nan and we had dinner on the lanai (which is Hawaiian for porch, but I guess some people on the mainland use that word too?) as usual and tried to figure out if it was going to rain tomorrow. It's so windy and the wind is pretty loud in the cane grass, and we just sort of hung out and enjoyed it.


Emil said...

Didn't you ever watch Golden Girls? They were always hanging out on the lanai.

Phil said...

Despite seeing many episodes of Golden Girls over the years, I have never heard that word before.

When I worked at that coffee shop in Oberlin, we often had to get up on a ladder to change busted lightbulbs in the chandeliers (not fancy like it sounds). The wiring was really old, so this process often involved electrocution, which itself involved the threat of falling off the ladder. Ah, the salad days.

Zach said...

Hi. I just wanted to say that I've been reading and enjoying this. I'm right now in the library writing an incredibly boring paper and am feeling jealous of lanais and jackfruits and electrocution.

Stephanie said...

hi zach!
so glad you're reading!

oh my god, the golden girls. i didn't remeber them calling it a lanai, but i totally remember the outside area and many scenes taking place there. i'm trying to learn more hawaiian, and it's pretty fun.

yeah, at least i have the blog because the upsetedness at the electrocution was offset by the fact that i was going to get to tell you guys about it.

gee whiz said...

ok. finally i can comment now i think. i've been trying for TWO WEEKS!! but of course today i have nothing to say.