Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Monday Monday

I figured that if I wrote Monday over and over again it would seem exciting.

Anyway. I've spent most of today sanding and varnishing for the trim project I'm working on, and it's actually really cool mango wood. (I couldn't find a great image online, but I guess this one's close enough.) I'm not doing that for too much longer, as Liu Zhi's cutting more wood and we're sort of running out of sawhorses to put the wood on. It looks like it's going to rain later so we did all this inside and tried to fen off the wasps. Have I mentioned the wasp situation? They are ALL over the place, looking for somewhere to nest. And every time they pick a place Lew banishes them, and they're not pleased. I'm constantly having to fight them for control of the laundry line and bicycle shed. Brian said that as long as I stay calm they shouldn't give me a problem, and I'm trying my best.

Oh! Bicycle shed! Karin took a couple picture of me riding! a! bike! and here they are, for your enjoyment:

I admit, the one where I'm actually viewed riding was taken from far away, but you're just going to have to take my word on it that it's me.

Oh yeah, yesterday. With no end to my bad mood in sight, Jessie got a flat tire and she and several members of our little group worked for half the day trying to deal with it. So, no snorkeling. I just did laundry and cleaned up and read and relaxed. And today, I woke up with the bad mood gone. Finally.


ilyushka said...

no fair, pics won't enlarge!

Phil said...

Yeah, two technical issues:

First, the pictures are to little! I think the way to fix this is, once you upload them for your blog post, use the thumbnails as links to the original image files. This works the same way as doing a text link, which you can already do. Just put the link around the code Blogger gives you for the image.

Second, your comment section is only accepting comments from people with blogger accounts. This means that, among other things, Iesha can't leave comments (she wants me to say hi, by the way).

Other than that, it sure does look nice down there. I wish I could be riding a bike in the grass. I'm not even bothered by wasps!

Phil said...

Actually, I may have been wrong about that picture thing. If you're using blogger's img function to put pics in your post, you might just want to tell blogger to make them "medium" instead of "small" or something.

Stephanie said...

sorry, iesha! i totally meant to rectify that comment situation and forgot about it.
i'm not sure how to fix the picture thing, because i tried to make them bigger and then blogger said the files were too large. in any case, brian will be loading all my pictures onto the computer and i'll set up a flickr album so they can be enlarged.

i wish you could be here too, phil! you should all come down. it's awesome. and cheap. and there's plenty of room.