Thursday, December 29, 2005

Complaint post!

I just need to complain for one second about the men I live with. I know this will all sound like petty shit (and it is) but things get to you when you live with people. Hell. I don't think there's a person reading this who wouldn't agree with that. Also: Karin is away and it's just me here with three guys, and I'm not used to that. I grew up surrounded by women and have so many female friends, I really am used to the girlies.
But anyway. After Ben brought me all those lemons, I've been making tons of stuff with them: lemon bars, lemonade, lemon pound cake. When I made the lemon pound cake, I poured the batter into the loaf pan and set the bowl aside. As I was cleaning up, one of the guys came in and looked in at the bowl with the batter in it. [I also need to interject here that one of the best parts of cooking here is the peace in the kitchen, so it already irritates me when someone comes and bothers me when I'm doing it.] So he comes in, looks in the bowl, and says, "is this safe?" Not knowing what he means, I answer, "well, it has raw eggs in it if that's what you mean." And he says, "oh that doesn't bother me" and proceeds to LICK THE BOWL. Anyone who knows me knows that that is my absolute favorite part! I mean, I had set aside to save it for the end! And if you're wondering why I didn't wrench it from his grasp, there are several reasons for that, the primary one being an odor situation. But I digress.
Then later, after I take the cake out of the oven I put it onto the counter to cool. When I come back, fully ONE QUARTER of the cake has been eaten by the other guy. I mean, what kind of people are these?? Who licks someone else's bowl without asking and who cuts a cake that's clearly for dessert while it's cooling??


Emil said...

These people are plain rude! Next time, put some poison in the cake and lie when asked if its 'safe.' That's what I would do.

Phil said...

I totally lived this story for years in Oberlin co-ops. I'm telling you, this is what hippies are like. They talk all about sharing and communal living, and that means them eating your cake without asking (and while smelling bad).

Not that I didn't love the co-op spirit (I take it where I can get it in Park Slope), but you've got to tell them straigt out what is and is not up for taking.

Stephanie said...

I hear what you're saying about the hippies, Phil, but it honestly BLOWS MY MIND that people would do this shit without asking. And the odor is a real problem. I've never experienced anything like it. It borders on empty-subway-car-due-to-homeless-person.

That't a good idea, Emil, I didn't think of poison! What I did do, owever, was wander around last night (after making more cake) and tell everyone that they better not have any until I said so, including telling Liu Zhi "no eat cake! got it?"

gee whiz said...

your post is the REASON i'm not a baker anymore.
it's just too frustrating. people gots ta lerrrnsomerespect, ya herrrd?
goddammit. that post made me CRAZY! i'm all redfaced and reliving co-op life too.
yeah. phil's post is on target. and let me add that if you have a skill. and you're good at it. and people like or desire the outcome. no matter who they are. no matter if there's buddha or jesus or the sunrise or a mosquito king, they WILL take advantage.
girls or boys, it don't matter.