Monday, December 12, 2005

The story of the cookies.

In Hawaii storytelling is known as "talk story" and people are pretty into it. So I have to talk story to you guys about the cookies.

On Friday when Karin and I went to Costco, she mentioned that around Christmas time they have these chocolate mint cookies that sounded remarkably like girl scout cookies. We all know how much I love those (and cookies in general [and chocolate in general]) so of course, I had to have these cookies.

I bought the cookies, and was then confronted with two issues wich I hadn't thought out:

1. Where would I put them? We can't keep food in our rooms because of all the ants and other bugs, and keeping them in the farm kitchen didn't seem like a good idea.
2. What would I do with them? Even I can't eat a costco-sized box of cookies, nor do I want to. Supposed to be healthy here, people!

Now bearing in mind that I hadn't seen chocolate (or any sugar) in days, I bring the cookies home. And I begin to smell them. Man, I don't know if it was like the tell-tale heart, or what, but I swear to god I could smell those cookies in my room. This concerned me because I thought, "if I can smell them, so can the ants". So I decide to open the box and see how well they're packaged. Terribly, is how they're packaged. Just a bag with a twist tie. Well, that'll never make it past the bugs. So I get a couple huge ziploc bags and put their bag, in a ziploc, in another ziploc, and seal it all up.

Of course, while I'm doing this, I taste them, and by god they taste exactly like girl scout cookies. Only they're bigger. And better.

Thereby began a weekend of me fighting valiantly not to eat the cookies while they called to me from their plastic prison. I was failing. The cookies were winning. And they won over and over again.

Suffice it to say that the cookies emerged victorious. The fight ended when Maria came over for breakfast this morning. On her way to leave I ran to her and thrust the bag(s) of cookies into her arms and said "Please take these and don't tell me what you do with them."

Back to jackfruit. Damn it.

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Shosh said...

stephi, you're so cute! Better luck next time in battle! Love u lots, talk to u later.