Saturday, December 03, 2005

A List, For Your Enjoyment:

Times I have been awake early enough to seen the sun rise in Hawaii: 3
Times I have been lying in bed awake at that time because I have to pee and I'm too scared to walk to the bathhouse in the dark: 3
Times I dreamt about Mariah Carey as I waited for it to be bright enough to go to the bathouse: 1
Times I had to pee so bad that I dreamt I was peeing and thought I'd peed in bed: 1
Times I tried to commune with the mosquito king on a shamanistic journey that Lew reccommended and ask him to tell all the mosquitos not to bite me anymore: 1
Bug bites: a cool 30. I counted them just for you.

I think that's it for now. More lists to come.

1 comment:

ilyushka said...

i think you might have better luck communing with the mosquito queen in your next shamanistic trance; i hear she is a much better listener and has more sway with her underlings/direct reports.

miss you so much, and am thrilled for you, that you're experiencing all of this beautiful, if painful stuff... keep the stories coming!